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May 1, 2014 1:00pm PDT
dynasty would win. >>> and malaysia airlines releases its report on flight 370's disappearance. does it end with questions about the confidence of the response? well, far from it. >>> welcome to "the lead," coming to you live from the prairie chapel ranch in crawford, texas, better known as the home away from home for our 43rd president, george w. bush. i sat down with the former president here at what was once referred to as the western white house during his time in office. we had a wide-ranging conversation from everything from wounded warriors to his brother's jeb, to become the third president bush, to whether vladimir putin changed. mr. bush even weighed in on the racial controversy in the nba. our nation's veterans, as i said, they are the reason we are here today. it was right here at this ranch in the texas wild that mr. bush grappled so often with some of the toughest decisions of his presidency, decisions that would put american service men and women in harm's way. in the name of national security. we can debate the merits of those wars and we have on this show. we will ag
Apr 30, 2014 1:00pm PDT
-21 is under water, scanning for evidence of malaysia airline's flight 370. it's important to note that the company that claims to have found a plane in the bay of bengal, won't release its 23-page report to cnn or give details about the methodology used, and that is why satellite and airplane imaging companies are so skeptical. but with two ships now headed to the area to investigate, we may soon have enough information to end the debate. >> let's go through lease latest developments with the panel. rob mccallum, cnn analyst and ocean search specialist and miles o'brien, cnn analyst, pilot, science correspondent for pbs news hour. you're skeptical about this information from the australian firm, but to play devil's advocate, any harm in having bangladesh send everybody two frigates just to check it out? >> no, there's no harm. high concerns they were going to redirect assets in the more important area where we have evidence in the southern indian ocean into the other zone. bangladesh isn't involved in the search. if they want to do a training mission, why not? it's in the public r
Apr 29, 2014 1:00pm PDT
. malaysia's transport minister said they're verifying the credibility of the information but australian officials and company behind the satellite data are confident the plane went down 3,000 miles away in the southern indian ocean. that's where all of the satellite data points and where the pings thought to be from the plane's black boxes were dete detected. satellite imaging expert is skeptical of the australian company's claim. >> i'm not aware of anything in any level of the spectrum from aircraft or space that penetrates into the ocean. >> meantime a break through from the families. they finally got information they were demanding for weeks including never before we leased radio calls from the cockpit and air traffic controllers. the final words before flight 370 disappeared. everything appeared normal. officials also provided a trove of information like the serial number of the flight data recorders, a map of the plane's flight route and cargo manifest. the other development after seven weeks of intense aerial searches, the planes silent. hundreds of flight crews from at least sev
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3